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The Modern Art of Decking

If you need professional installers for your deck, in Moncton and Saint John, trust the expertise of Sunspace by Wayside Rooms’ team! Thanks to Ask for Sunspace’s state-of-the-art decking systems, we are able to provide our residential customers with perfect ways to bring indoor life outside.

Our Selection of Decking Systems

AlumaDeck – Aluminum Decking System:
Polyvalent and recyclable, the aluminum decking structure does not require any rigorous maintenance. This system resists rusting, cracking, water infiltration, fading as well as any deterioration caused by constant exposition to weather conditions. And this, for the entire duration of its useful life! Besides, it is safer than other surfaces as it is not slippery.

Thermadeck – Thermal Aluminum Decking System:
The thermal aluminium decking system comes in insulated panels that are easy to install. More robust and efficient than conventional stud and flooring construction materials, this system is also practical and versatile. Rapidly installed and easily covered with almost any flooring, it greatly reduces the expenses related to foundation building.

As Sunspace brand’s dealers, we are trained to produce and install their decking systems. So, do not hesitate to ask for our turnkey services. If you are more of a do-it-yourself builder, we can also advise you regarding the design, choice of supplies and construction procedures.

Contractors’ Clients Deserve the Best Decks

At Sunspace by Wayside Rooms, special pricing is available to registered contractors. What better way can you demonstrate your dedication to quality than by using high-value materials? You can provide your clients with a combination of attractiveness and durability that will enchant them.

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